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We are currently creating something awesome & going to launch our first product soon!


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About Us

We believe in pursuing business through innovation and technology with our services & products.

We are a small and talented team, spread across the globe, that is dedicated to helping developers build great apps. Everyone here is passionate about making software development easier, better, and more accessible to more people. We work on professional software development on latest technologies like Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Hybrid Mobile-App Development, Blockchain Decentralized Apps etc.

We care deeply about the personal and professional growth of all our people during their time at our company, and we work hard to maintain a caring and inclusive environment that is transparent, respectful, and apolitical. We build open source tools and commercial services used by thousands of developers in production. We're very proud not only of the products we make, but of the community and partnerships we've cultivated with other developers and companies.

Our Service

We make what you believe in & help you in visualizing your ideas into reality.

Clean Code

Writing clean code is what you must do in order to call yourself a professional. There is no reasonable excuse for doing anything less than your best.

Well Documented

Self-documenting code is a good practice and if done properly can easily convey the meaning of the code without reading too many comments. especially in situations where the domain is well understood by everyone in the team.

Awesome Design

Shape Branding & Design. Our 6 step design process will help you shape your visual communications & ideas into real-world and Art is nothing more than creating an emotion in your own form.

Responsive Web Design

We don't design for brands but we design for people interacting with brands & great responsive web design is like a baby born out of desire and love.

Cross Browser Support

Today there are more than hundreds of web browsers known around the globe. Despite the existence of web standards all these browsers work slightly differently, so we develop every website with good design and cross browser compatible with professional web designers.

Great Support

We make everything simple,we operate autonomously & we know how to eliminate confusion by creating unity through clarity. Bugs, fixes and updates are shared with the team, especially best practices that have been discovered individually.

Our Awesome Team

Our cool passionate team members you can contact.


Varun Vasista, Founder


Shahin Pilli, Partner


Sean Parker, Media Partner


Sai Nandini, Co-Founder


Irshad Mirza, Developer


Sharan Marri, Designer


K Ramesh, Director

Contact Us

Leave us your message & we will get back to you soon.